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What we do for Broadcasters

TV viewing has to compete for attention with second screen viewing, particularly among younger audiences who use their phone whilst watching TV.
Seamless segue into programme branded second screen content extension that drives engagement and increases time spent with your brands
The growth of VOD revenues is not enough to offset linear ad revenue losses. Other revenue streams are needed!
A new, flexible advertising inventory including sponsorship, ads and product integration that runs in addition to linear and VOD revenues.
The need for digital audiences that are directly attributable to the Broadcaster’s content.
No third parties involved, no additional software ‘takes’. We provide a mobile digital audience that is directly attributable to the Broadcaster’s content.
Need to find new digital platforms that are brand safe for advertisers to maintain Broadcasters’ competitive edge.
No user defined content: our games are a sealed and controlled environment that provides advertisers a family-friendly experience
Regulatory frameworks are more restrictive for Broadcasters than for pure digital players.
We are already Broadcast Code compliant in the UK - one of the world’s most restrictive set of rules in television.
The next generation is losing interest in TV: under 34s are watching 61% less TV than a decade ago.
Our evidence to date shows that our games engage significantly higher numbers of young adults compared to the programme alone.

Our Work

Live Tech Games’ track record for innovating with broadcasters.


  • As the primary gaming partner to the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster, ITV, we transform their iconic shows, watched by millions across the nation, into thrilling mobile tournaments that hit the top of the app stores.

  • These games are strategically designed to create more engaging sponsorship opportunities: integrating brands directly into the gameplay.

  • Meeting viewers at their fingertips, these games also enable ITV to connect with their younger viewership.

The first installment from our partnership with ITV.

The swift wordsearch and trivia tournament thrilling thousands of This Morning viewers right after the show finishes, every Monday at 12:30pm.
Achieved #1 Free Game in the Apple App Store
Driving traffic to ITV Win, converting players into further competition entrants.
Following the success of WordSurge, ITV were excited to commission the development of a game for a much greater audience: viewers of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
KnockOut is a multi-game trivia experience that pits football fans head-to-head, testing their knowledge of the game and their reaction times!
KnockOut has risen to the top of the sports app charts during the competitive World Cup period.
Everybody knows that more and more people are spending time gaming. And we believe, Live Tech Games and ITV should be a part of that.

Carolyn McCall


How We Work

Design & Build

Our leading development team will bring your games to life, entirely bespoke to your objectives, partners and audience.


We want you, your audience and your partners to benefit from our Live games uniquely: so we sign exclusively with one broadcaster per region or show type.

Ad Inventory

The games we build form part of your competitive advertising inventory.

Deployment & Support

We’re Live and by your side: for the duration of our planned tournament scheduling, we’ll be there to keep the games running, ensuring your viewers and partners are happy.

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