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What we do for Broadcasters

Challenges for Broadcasters

  • Broadcasters need to innovate to keep up with their viewer’s rapidly changing interests and attention.
  • Advertisers now have endless opportunities to showcase their brands digitally, meaning your ad inventory needs to become more competitive.
  • The next generation is losing interest in TV: under 34s are watching 61% less TV than a decade ago.

Our Solution

  • Introducing interactive and accessible mobile experiences, played Live at set times: creating incredibly engaging moments for your viewers and powerful digital opportunities for you and your sponsors.
  • Our Live games are short, thrilling tournaments with free prizes, entirely bespoke to your shows and audiences.


  • Creating a seamless and rewarding viewer journey from the TV to the mobile, your audience are delighted and engaged with an exciting new feature to their favourite shows!
  • With this, you achieve a powerful new integrated digital asset that puts your sponsors in front of your audience at their most captivated, fully measurable and trackable for success.

Our Work

Live Tech Games’ track record for innovating with broadcasters.


  • As the primary gaming partner to the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster, ITV, we transform their iconic shows, watched by millions across the nation, into thrilling mobile tournaments.
  • These games are strategically designed to create more engaging sponsorship opportunities: integrating brands directly into the gameplay.
  • Meeting viewers at their fingertips, these games also enable ITV to connect with their younger viewership.

The first installment from our partnership with ITV.

The swift wordsearch and trivia tournament thrilling thousands of This Morning viewers right after the show finishes, every Monday at 12:30pm.

Achieved #1 Free Game in the Apple App Store

Driving traffic to ITV Win, converting players into further competition entrants.

ITV Results & Metrics

Take a look at what we did for the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster.
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ITV’s Live Tech game converted 83% more players than their previous games
# 100
Our ITV branded game achieved number 3 in the App Store
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of players wanted to play again
[Live Tech Games] perfectly encapsulate what we were looking for: innovative, creative and dedicated to their vision. We believe [our partnership] will enable Live Tech Games to work alongside ITV in expanding the reach of our internationally recognised programmes and brands.

Rufus Radcliffe

MD, ITV On Demand

How We Work

Our hands-on and collaborative approach to building games that support your objectives.

Select Intellectual Property

We’ll work together to select the brands and shows best fit for a Live Tech reimagining.

Introduce to Sponsor

Amaze your sponsors with a novel and valuable opportunity for their promotions.

We build your game

Our leading development team will get to work bringing your games to life, entirely bespoke to your objectives, sponsorship and audience.

Deploy & Support

We’re Live and by your side: we’ll be there to keep games running, ensuring your viewers and partners are happy.

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