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We create Live mobile tournaments for TV viewers to play straight after their favourite show...

Captivate your audience with thrilling viewer versus viewer mobile tournaments with free prizes for the winners! Our bespoke mobile games are designed to complement a show’s beloved IP, meaning viewers are delighted with a unique experience that’s still true to the show they love.

We understand today’s challenges for broadcasters, so our games are built to drive valuable viewer action and ensure ROI for sponsors.

The Live tournament that everyone is talking about…

We’re getting a party started in the USA: connecting players in nationwide knockout tournaments for free prizes! Highly anticipated and brought to you by your favourite brands, the pogl Live experience won’t be one to miss.

Right now, contests are wordy and nerdy: can you find the answer faster than your opponent?

Our Live mass-participation technology has been engineered and refined by industry leading software developers. LTG Labs grants you the opportunity to harness its incredible power, putting you in the control seat of your own interactive tournaments.

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Live Tech Games is an evolving company driven by massive ambitions and strategic backers. With a pledge to create sensational digital experiences for everyone, we will continue to explore exciting new opportunities, partnerships and acquisitions to progress our mission.

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