How LTG is taking our customer service into the 21st century

Helen Birchall, Customer Services Representative

One thing that is clear in the gaming world is that our players are our lifeblood. They are the people that help us to grow and inspire us to develop new and exciting games and experiences. They are also core to our testing process when we are prototyping new and innovative features.

Maintaining happy players is no mean feat. One of our biggest challenges as a business is effectively managing all of our customer feedback, within a timely manner, and working with our QA and Developers to address this. This is why we have implemented clear processes, procedures, and guidance at Live Tech Games to help anyone who joins our team to ensure they are always delivering the right outcomes for our players.

As a result, we’re extremely excited by our upcoming implementation of a brand new software, which will help to revolutionise the way in which we deliver customer service.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is essential in providing the very best customer service. It guides customers and players to the correct help when they need it the most and is supported by efficient automated features. We’ll be attacking customer service on 3 different fronts: Live Chat, Email Support and FAQ’s.

But why do we need so many different forms of communication for our players? Why not just use email?  

The answer to this is simple. By implementing all three forms of customer service, we will reduce the manual input required to effectively resolve player concerns and questions. It will start when a player comes through to our in-app support forum, which will be customised to cater to the differing needs of players depending on the game that they’re playing.

The great thing about an effectively implemented CRM software, is that we’ll no longer need to ask our players questions in order to identify them. The software will be able to immediately tell us their name, ID and device details. This will ensure that we can solve issues faced by our players far quicker, leading to a higher rate of player satisfaction. We’ll store all of the interactions that we have with our players across all channels in one place, to ensure that they always have a smooth experience when contacting us about both reoccurring and new queries. 

We’ll be able to follow customer query trends in more detail and solve their most important issues quicker. We’ll also be able to talk to different members of our team within our CRM software. This ensures that we keep everything to do with one player, within the assigned ticket itself, so that that player has a better experience with us. Ultimately, this will allow us to be more efficient and allows our agents to provide quicker responses and resolutions to our players, resulting in a better outcome and stronger community between our players.

Our CRM software will allow us to bring our player support into the 21st century and ensure that we can deliver the customer service standards that we are all passionate about and that our players deserve.

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