Recognition and Rewards at LTG

Charlie Harries, Chief of Staff

Reward and Recognition in a fast-paced mobile games company

Founded in 2020, Live Tech Games was built with a vision of bringing the world together in moments of fun and exciting entertainment, bringing back cultural moments that were once a weekly occurrence on Saturday night TV! To achieve this goal, we needed to create a team of skilled, driven and creative individuals ready to tackle this hugely exciting challenge.

However, before we started to grow the team, we needed to establish what Live Tech Games was all about: what type of culture did we want to foster? What did we want to stand for? What did we want our new team to buy into? Through multiple workshopping days, our founders, along with LTG’s first two employees, finalised our company values, which are:

Quality Execution

Authentic Passion

Apply Empathy

Be the Tortoise and the Hare

Purposeful Improvement

Discover the deeper meanings of the values below.

Living our values

From recruitment through to quarterly company offsites, we aim to embody these values every single day! Whether it’s giving up time to help colleagues learn a new skill or bringing the energy to whiteboard sessions, everyone aims to live these core LTG values day-to-day.

And how do we recognise everyone’s efforts? Every Monday morning, each team member is given five poker chips – each a different colour and labelled with a value (our “company value chips”). With these chips, each team member can award a value to any other team member throughout the week by putting it in their corresponding box. For our international and remote team members, we have an online form where they submit their company value chip winners weekly.

We encourage the team to share their praise for the person they are awarding the chip to – this recognition is a key part to fostering a collaborative and enjoyable working environment!

Quarterly Value Winners

At the end of every quarter we count up everyone’s company value chips and identify the individuals with the most chips for each value, as well as the ‘all rounder’ who received the most total chips. Each winner gets a LTG or pogl branded unique prize, ranging from hoodies and gym bags to waterproofs and t-shirts. We also award everyone with a small present for their hard work (e.g. travel mugs, t-shirts, beanies).


In some organisations, it’s easy to believe that company values are just a formality and therefore redundant and expendable to the company’s actual work; however at Live Tech Games, our values are truly significant and relevant to the mission we are embarking on. Our company value chips materialise these values to foster a driven, hardworking team that supports and rewards each other along the way.

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  • Quality Execution – We deliver excellence: obsessing over quality in everything we do. We roll up our sleeves, get stuck in, and don’t stop until we’re proud.
  • Authentic Passion – Personify a belief in our mission and your contribution to it. Showcase your enthusiasm entirely on your own terms.
  • Apply Empathy – Always put yourself in the shoes of others and use that understanding to deliver outcomes where everyone wins.
  • Be the Tortoise and the Hare [every start-up needs a slightly wacky value] – Approach tasks dynamically. Be the agile, quick thinking and rapidly progressing hare, but also the strategic, diligent, and forward-looking tortoise. Adjust accordingly.
  • Purposeful Improvement – Through continuous self-reflection, helpful candour, and an insatiable appetite to learn, we empower each other to be the best versions of ourselves.

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