London & Partners: Live Tech Games’ LA Trade Mission

Live Tech Games was thrilled to be a part of the recent London and Partners trade mission to Los Angeles. Nathan Moore, co-founder and co-CEO of Live Tech Games spent the beginning of June in LA as part of the London and Partners cohort, with the aim of introducing the Live Tech Games brand to the US and potential international media partners. It was an unforgettable trip that the Live Tech Games’ team feel extremely grateful to have been a part of. Read on for Nathan’s key takeaways from his time on the trade mission.

Joining London and Partners 

To be invited to join the prestigious London & Partners programme, Live Tech Games had to reach certain criteria: at least £1M in funding and over 10 employees on the team. Being part of the programme now opens up a number of support avenues and resources, enabling founders Sam and Nathan to take great strides in developing their business proposition further. Once part of the programme, Live Tech Games was able to apply directly for the trade mission, answering one very important question: “Why are you going to be the future of entertainment?” From there, the trade mission applications were sent to NBCUniversal to be judged, with Live Tech Games being awarded one of the coveted places, and Nathan being asked to join the mission, alongside only nine other innovative companies and the Mayor of London himself, Sadiq Khan.

The Trade Mission

The purpose of the trip was to connect UK startups with a variety of companies, businesspeople, founders and investors that could further develop the creative tech businesses. As soon as Nathan reached LA, there was an intense agenda put in place to ensure that he experienced everything LA and the mission had to offer. Nathan spent much of his time in back to back meetings with media agencies, tech businesses and a huge number of companies in the marketing and advertising space. 

Alongside other agencies and businesses, Nathan connected with MediaMonks to discuss the power of in-game digital advertising; the LA Rams SoFi stadium creators to understand how they fill dwell time in stadiums with exciting, live promotional games; as well as Verizon Labs, who discussed the power of 5G in connecting millions of people concurrently in mobile  games. These sessions gave Live Tech Games significant insight into how the advertising space is effectively used in the US, which will prove a great help for pogl, their first game to be launched in the States, as well as future projects. Live Tech Games seized the opportunity to network, expanding international connections and creating fascination for the company’s mission with powerhouses such as Disney, NBCUniversal and Warner Brothers Discovery.

“We threw ourselves into every aspect of the LA London & Partners trade mission. It was great to be able to connect with so many different people and for everyone to share insights on how the entertainment and advertising industries work in the US. I have now had several conversations with well-known studios that have undertaken famous projects, and we are all so excited to see our plans develop throughout the rest of this year and next.”

Nathan Moore, Co-Founder and COO of Live Tech Games

Looking to the Future

There were lots of key takeaways from the London & Partners trade mission: Live Tech Games found that there is huge business potential in the US, especially connected to TV, as engaging and experiential advertisements are now one of the biggest growing markets in the US. The tech startup also discovered the massive potential with sports and esports events in the US as they drive the biggest live and engaged audiences to tap into. As well as learning a lot about the department of trade, Live Tech Games now has a deeper understanding of the levels that it takes to succeed in the US and the team has developed their short term and long term goals for the business internationally. 

Live Tech Games is extremely grateful to have been a part of such a valuable and exciting experience and to join the London & Partners LA trade mission. Nathan, along with co-founder Sam, are looking forward to seeing how these new connections and conversations will develop into future plans for the business. USA, watch this space!

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