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Mission Statement

We create digital experiences that people genuinely look forward to being a part of.

In today’s digital world, there are very few moments that people genuinely look forward to – everything is available on demand, at the touch of a button. Here at Live Tech Games, we’re pioneering a new wave in Mobile Entertainment: we create simple, yet thrilling games that capture the attention of players simultaneously at a set time. With our formula for games and Live mass-participation technology, these experiences provide unrivalled anticipation and thrill, whilst connecting people with others.

Our Formula

The core elements of all our games.


Games are at set times, meaning everyone plays Live simultaneously.


Players always go head-to-head against each other, never bots, in light-hearted competition.


Games are designed to be accessible. We’re not just for ‘gamers’, we’re here for everyone.


Games never take longer than 10 minutes to play – even with over 1 million players competing simultaneously.


Games are always free-to-play, yet there are exciting real world prizes to be won by the best players of every game.

Our Divisions

How we achieve our mission.


We’re extending the Live TV experience by creating sensational mobile tournaments for the second screen. Viewers can now look forward to engaging with their favourite shows and fellows fans within a unique and fulfilling new interactive format.


Set to take over the US and beyond, pogl is the nationwide tournament providing anticipation and thrills week after week. We can’t wait to create real moments of magic that will connect people and create conversation.

LTG Labs

We believe so strongly in our mission, that we’re empowering other teams to put their best foot forward in a future that demands for greater digital connections and more interactivity.