Security and Operational Efficiency through tooling

Bill Spooner, Senior Engineer

Security and Operational Efficiency through tooling at a mobile gaming company

As a Tech start-up, we operate within tight budget constraints whilst also needing to protect a significant amount of sensitive, proprietary information. We therefore require a cost effective, efficient, and secure process to enable our team to access all the assets and tools that they need.  This blog explores how the implementation of a password manager, such as 1Password, has played a crucial role in achieving these goals.

Operational Efficiency | Efficiency is about accomplishing tasks as quickly and effectively as possible. To streamline processes, automate tasks, and eliminate unnecessary steps. One of the key areas where we experienced improved efficiency was in our day-to-day use of technology. 1Password automated password entry and selection, and even eliminated the cumbersome aspects of multi-factor authentication (MFA). This eliminated the need for our team to remember multiple passwords, saving time and reducing unnecessary friction throughout the workday. In terms of MFA efficiency, 1Password handled the generation of one-time passwords, eliminating the need for the team to access their phone and reference an authenticator app or similar.

Security | Security is all about protecting the business from potential threats, both internal and external. Most digital threats stem from exploiting or accessing the secrets and passwords we use to protect our infrastructure and tools. One of the key areas where security has been improved is in the use of passwords – 1Password allowed us to use strong, unique passwords for all our accounts, eliminating the risk of password reuse, a major security concern.  Additionally, 1Password allowed us to securely share passwords within the team, reducing the risk of employees sharing passwords through insecure or public channels.

The implementation of 1Password has played a significant role in achieving our goals of efficiency and security. By using strong, unique passwords and sharing them securely we significantly reduced the risk of our confidential information being made public. This, combined with the autofill and MFA management, has successfully increased both our company’s security and daily efficiency in a substantial manner.

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